Als fan van het werk van Boss wil ik in de eerste plaats een overzicht geven van de werken van Boss om deze bij een breder publiek bekend te maken. Ik wil ook van de gelegenheid gebruik maken om er mijn mening over te geven en te beschrijven hoe ik het zie. Of de bezoeker van deze website ermee akkoord gaat en of dit allemaal correct is, is van geen belang. Het is gewoon mijn subjectieve kijk op de werken. Mijn naam is Pete Omer, een kunstliefhebber uit de omgeving van Gent.
This website is about the contemporary Artist Boss. I know Boss for a long time and when he asked me to help him with a website, I was immediately enthousiastic. I always assumed that he didn’t have a website because he didn’t want one. In general, he is not the kind of person that talks all the time about his art to anyone he meets. He will never be the first one to start a conversation about his art unless he really knows that you are interested in it. I asked him about this and he said he doesn’t even talk about it to his close friends or family because he doesn’t want to push it. This certainly doesn’t mean he is not passionate about his art. In my case for instance, he knows that i am interested in it, because i keep asking about it. And even though he is not a very chatty person, we have endless conversations about it. Another indication that art is his passion, is the fact that he is already more than 20 years active as an artist in the shelter of his studio. When I asked him why he came now with the idea, he answered that he wanted it already for years, but just didn’t came to the point of doing it himself. He thinks that art is communication and that his art needs an audience otherwise it is missing the essence. So I am glad that he came to me with the idea of a website. Since I can call me a fan of his work, I really think that anyone should be able to see it. He deserves a large audience and I want to use my knowledge of websites and social media to achieve this goal. We agreed that I am free of writing whatever I want and that I can write how I See the things (great, because I love writing :)). This doesn’t have to correspond with the meaning or intention of the artist. It is only my humble opinion. If anyone disagrees, please feel free to comment.

My name is Pete Omer. I am an art lover from the Ghent area in Belgium.
Twitter: @PeteOmer
Wordpress: peteomer.wordpress.com

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